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Why Enter?


Top Ten Reasons to Enter



Make competitors shrivel with feelings of inadequacy.

(Earn the honor, recognition and respect you deserve.)


Winning means you have created an outstanding website worthy of international recognition! Let your clients, your colleagues, your competition, and the news media know that you are an award-winning professional and industry leader. Nothing says “we’re the best” like an expert third party endorsement.


Because hard work is rarely its own reward.

(Grow your business exponentially by fully capitalizing on every success.)


It’s far too easy to let a project-based business grow linearly. One project provides a launching point to a similar project, and so on. So how do companies grow exponentially? By extracting maximum marketing advantage from each successful project – and what better litmus test for success than a coveted award available only to the world’s most talented web professionals? Enter, win and promote an award from IMA in your marketing mix, and increase the chance that your one project becomes two, the two become four and so on.


Because every CEO has a nephew with a copy of Photoshop.

(Differentiate your services from your competitors.)


Your prospects often can’t comprehend the difference between the $500 website offers they see online and the $25,000 website you’re proposing to revamp the company’s image. To many, it’s hard to understand how your work is superior to what they can get from their FrontPage-savvy nephew. Sure, you can try to argue about the value of targeted branding sessions and discovery phases and bore clients with talk of standards compliance and cross-browser expertise. But recognition from the Interactive Media Awards sums up the value difference in a single sentence, in a way that professionals in any industry can understand and be impressed with.


Because pitches shouldn’t be about price.

(Make the sales process about quality, expertise and results.)


Ever deliver a proposal to a client and watch them fast forward to the price? Ever had a prospect ask you “How much does a website cost?” If you’ve been a web developer for more than a day, then you know what we’re talking about. Being able to lead your new business efforts with accolades from a prestigious, independent industry group like the Interactive Media Awards is an effective way to steer conversations away from hourly rates and price tags, and onto discussions of approach, solutions and consulting expertise. Don’t allow your work to be commoditized or your competitive advantage be reduced to an hourly rate. Enhance your portfolio and marketing materials with recognition from the IMA and have the tools to market the right way.


We don’t care how big or small your site is.

(A level playing field for new and small firms.)


It’s difficult for new and small firms to compete against brand-name companies. Even with lower prices and better customer service, consumers need to have confidence in your business. An Interactive Media Award affords the credibility and legitimacy you need to compete in the global marketplace. Whether you are a one-person shop, a small firm, a government agency or a Fortune 500 company, all entries face the same judging process and are eligible to win the same prestigious award. We recognize that more money doesn't necessarily mean more talent and ability. IMA gives equal treatment to all entries.


Banner ads, direct mail and cold calls are SO last year.

(A rich, new marketing opportunity.)


Winning an Interactive Media Award is a newsworthy event and a catalyst for publicity and new business. Advertise your success! Send an e-mail announcement to your clients. Issue a press release. If you have a newsletter, send out a “Special Edition.” Award recognition from IMA gives prospects confidence in your business and is especially useful if you are a small or new firm. Don't let your achievement go unnoticed – this is a great marketing opportunity.


Develop a niche you can’t scratch.

(Highlight your specific industry expertise.)


Marketing experts agree that developing a specific industry expertise is a key way to build brand equity and increase revenues. With over 90 categories covering many fields of endeavor, you can nominate your project for multiple awards and highlight different areas of your business. For instance, if you enter a project developed for a video game software company, you could nominate the site for awards in both the COMPUTER SOFTWARE and GAMES – INDUSTRY categories. Each entry would be eligible for an award.


Finally, get an opinion that really matters.

(Have your site evaluated by the pros and seen by our sponsors.)


Once nominated, your website will be thoroughly evaluated by various judges, all of whom are seasoned veterans and experts in web-related business. Our judges are individually selected based on their knowledge, expertise and record of accomplishment. Whether or not you win an award from IMA, judges are permitted to offer entrants constructive criticism. It’s like having a team of mentors at your service.


Gain access to awards, powerful tools and more. No jacket required.

(Win coveted recognition for your work and capitalize on it with innovative marketing tools.)


Winners automatically receive the IMA Digital Award Icon, which can be placed on the winning website or the nominator’s portfolio site, and links to a unique and marketable award page (or gallery of awards, if your firm has won multiple awards) on the IMA website. In addition, winners gain access to our Winner Tools, which allow winners to customize online awards for maximum marketability to your prospects, notify clients and colleagues and draft press releases.


Remind clients why they hired you in the first place.

(Enter your projects whenever you want, all year ‘round.)


Even corporate clients can suffer from “buyer’s remorse”, and the first few weeks after site launch are the most important in either cementing a long-term relationship or leaving a client to wonder whether the project was worth their time and money. By staggering our 90+ industry category awards over the year on a quarterly basis (each award is available only once per year), IMA provides you with a unique opportunity to show quick, tangible ROI to your clients. Enter a site in the IMA competition as soon as you go live, and by the time the client’s ready for a project post-mortem, you just might have an award from IMA to prove your work and counsel was a success.



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