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Top 10 Sites of 2006


There were 243 winning entries in 2006 from a total of 1,391 total entries, originating in 42 countries. From among these winners, IMA Annual Judges were asked to evaluate the cream of the crop: The top 33 highest scoring sites.

Each of the sites listed below was an IMA "Best in Class" winner and listed in our Winners Gallery. To achieve this, each site had to successfully pass our 500-point judging process and be thoroughly analyzed from many angles by at least three Active Judges (the judges who score each entry that comes in on a daily basis). For more about the work of our Active Judges, please see Judging Guidelines and Judging Criteria.

Congratulations to all winners and nominees.

Winner ID:    34745
Site Title:   Air Canada Traveler Personality Profiler
Agency:   Marketel / Montreal, CANADA
Category:   Airline
Winner ID:    39057
Site Title:   Planet Meer Website
Agency:   marke23 GmbH / Hamburg, GERMANY
Category:   Animals/Wildlife
Winner ID:    34094
Site Title:   NET LC Website
Agency:   Collaborative Communications Group / Washington DC, USA
Category:   Association
Winner ID:    34850
Site Title:   Kelly Slater Invitational Website
Agency:   texturemedia / Colorado, USA
Category:   Celebrity/Fan
Winner ID:    36943
Site Title:   IBM System I Site
Agency:   OgilvyOne Worldwide / New York, USA
Category:   Computer Hardware
Winner ID:    33380
Site Title:   Red Bull MET Recruitment Website
Agency:   Mindflood / California, USA
Category:   Employment
Winner ID:    36887
Site Title:   American Chemistry Website
Agency:   OgilvyOne Worldwide / New York, USA
Category:   Energy
Winner ID:    33359
Site Title:   McDonald's All American Game Site
Agency:   ImagineThat / Illinois, USA
Category:   Events
Winner ID:    34794
Site Title:   Bahama Breeze Island Insiders
Agency:   Darden Restaurants / Florida, USA
Category:   E-Zine/Newsletter
Winner ID:    38973
Site Title:   Icehouse Web Site
Agency:   ad2, Inc. / California, USA
Category:   Food/Beverage
Winner ID:    37755
Site Title:   T2 Tea Website
Agency:   Carbon Plus / Richmond, AUSTRALIA
Category:   Food/Beverage
Winner ID:    37048
Site Title:   Managing Partners Summit 2006
Agency:   N1 Creative Ltd. / London, UK
Category:   Financial Services
Winner ID:    33352
Site Title:   Edgewood Centre Website
Agency:   Primal Media / New Hampshire, USA
Category:   Healthcare
Winner ID:    36285
Site Title:   Channel One Livewire Website
Agency:   Cypress Consulting / Washington, USA
Category:   Kids
Winner ID:    36446
Site Title:   Escape from Diab Website
Agency:   Archimage, Inc. / Texas, USA
Category:   Kids
Winner ID:    36670
Site Title:   P&G Crest Wild Expressions
Agency:   imc2 / Texas, USA
Category:   Kids
Winner ID:    37909
Site Title:   Telstra NextG Network Website
Agency:   the white agency / Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Category:   Lifestyle
Winner ID:    37342
Site Title:   The Beaver Salon Website
Agency:   AgencyNet Interactive / Florida, USA
Category:   Marketing
Winner ID:    36460
Site Title:   Trump Waikiki Hotel Website
Agency:   B3 Communications Inc. / Vancouver, CANADA
Category:   Marketing
Winner ID:    39190
Site Title:   EmmiPrep Website
Agency:   Emmi Solutions, LLC / Illinois, USA
Category:   Medical
Winner ID:    38868
Site Title:   Happy Feet Theatrical Website
Agency:   Warner Bros. Pictures / New York, USA
Category:   Movie/Film
Winner ID:    39519
Site Title:   Istanbul Museum of Modern Art Website
Agency:   C-Section New Media / Istanbul, TURKEY
Category:   Museum
Winner ID:    34857
Site Title:   Bacardi DJ Website
Agency:   AgencyNet Interactive / Florida, USA
Category:   Music
Winner ID:    33968
Site Title:   Soulshaker Website
Agency:   Selesti Creative Media / Norwich, UK
Category:   Music
Winner ID:    39218
Site Title:   IDsafety Website
Agency:   Matrix Group International / Virginia, USA
Category:   Nonprofit
Winner ID:    36656
Site Title:   P&G Prilosec OTC's Country Website
Agency:   imc2 / Texas, USA
Category:   Pharmaceutical
Winner ID:    38945
Site Title:   DeStefano and Partners Website
Agency:   HUGE / New York, USA
Category:   Professional Services
Winner ID:    38854
Site Title:   Mindflood Seduction Website
Agency:   Mindflood / California, USA
Category:   Professional Services
Winner ID:    34815
Site Title:   Victoria Central Website
Agency:   Reflector Interactive / London, UK
Category:   Real Estate


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