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Top 10 Sites of 2011


Listed below are the nominees of IMA's Top Ten Website of the Year award. There were over 4,500 entries in 2011 originating in 47 countries and all 50 states of the USA. Each of the sites below earned a "Best in Class" award, the highest award level offered by IMA. To achieve this award level the entry had to undergo a comprehensive evaluation by IMA judging teams and earn exceptionally high marks across various criteria. The 26 nominees listed below represent the highest scoring evaluations from among all Best in Class winners. They are truly the best of the best and each one is worthy of a top ten win. Winners are determined by IMA annual judges by popular vote.

Nominee ID:    84377
Site Title:   Evolo Website
Nominated by:   BLUE Communications Inc.
Category:   Architecture/Interior Design
Location:   Montreal, QC / Canada
Nominee ID:    87387
Site Title:   Harvard University Website
Nominated by:   Happy Cog
Category:   University
Location:   Philadelphia, PA / USA
Nominee ID:    86141
Site Title:   Raising Children Network Website
Nominated by:   Raising Children Network
Category:   Family
Location:   East Melbourne, VIC / Australia
Nominee ID:    82886
Site Title:   Evolve Creative Group Website
Nominated by:   Evolve Creative Group
Category:   Web Design/Development
Location:   Akron, OH / USA
Nominee ID:    89725
Site Title:   Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Nominated by:   SapientNitro
Category:   Games - Playing
Location:   Miami, FL / USA
Nominee ID:    86561
Site Title:   PotashCorp 2010 Online Annual Report
Nominated by:   zu
Category:   Financial Information
Location:   Saskatoon, SK / Canada
Nominee ID:    90621
Site Title:   ACEI Website
Nominated by:   Blue Water Media
Category:   Nonprofit
Location:   Greenbelt, MD / USA
Nominee ID:    83607
Site Title:   Odgers Interim Website
Nominated by:   Liquid Light
Category:   Employment
Location:   Brighton / UK
Nominee ID:    87982
Site Title:   Nissan Versa iPad Experience
Nominated by:   Critical Mass
Category:   Automobile
Location:   Chicago, IL / USA
Nominee ID:    84748
Site Title:   Eveo Website
Nominated by:   Eveo
Category:   Communications
Location:   San Francisco, CA / USA
Nominee ID:    83474
Site Title:   Next Studio Website
Nominated by:   Next Studio
Category:   Web Design/Development
Location:   Melbourne, VIC / Australia
Nominee ID:    84174
Site Title:   Squizzes Website
Nominated by:   Reading Room
Category:   Education
Location:   London / UK
Nominee ID:    84797
Site Title:   The Maura Fay Group Website
Nominated by:   Bluewire Media
Category:   B2B
Location:   South Brisbane, QLD / Australia
Nominee ID:    86743
Site Title:   Star Jewels Website
Nominated by:   Web Profits
Category:   E-Commerce
Location:   Sydney, NSW / Australia
Nominee ID:    86568
Site Title:   Cameco 2010 Online Annual Report
Nominated by:   zu
Category:   Financial Information
Location:   Saskatoon, SK / Canada
Nominee ID:    90397
Site Title:   The Metropolitan Museum of Art Website
Nominated by:   Cogapp Ltd
Category:   Museum
Location:   Brighton / UK
Nominee ID:    84279
Site Title:   Gabby Awards Website
Nominated by:   customedialabs
Category:   Events
Location:   Wayne, PA / USA
Nominee ID:    90586
Site Title:   Tikatok Website
Nominated by:   Tikatok, a Barnes & Noble Company
Category:   Youth
Location:   New York, NY / USA
Nominee ID:    82697
Site Title:   5G Studio Website
Nominated by:   5Gstudio_collaborative, llc.
Category:   Architecture/Interior Design
Location:   Dallas, TX / USA
Nominee ID:    84146
Site Title:   Jay-Z Hits Collection Website
Nominated by:   AgencyNet
Category:   Entertainment
Location:   Fort Lauderdale, FL / USA
Nominee ID:    87618
Site Title:   Casa Batlló Website
Nominated by:   eMascaró 
Category:   Travel/Tourism
Location:   Barcelona / Spain
Nominee ID:    88311
Site Title:   Human Rights Campaign Website
Nominated by:   Human Rights Campaign
Category:   Advocacy
Location:   Washington, DC / USA
Nominee ID:    84566
Site Title:   Lending Club Website
Nominated by:   Lending Club
Category:   Banking
Location:   San Francisco, CA / USA
Nominee ID:    83726
Site Title:   RSPCA's Get Puppy Smart Animation
Nominated by:   Mind Orchard
Category:   Pets
Location:   Brighton / UK
Nominee ID:    89039
Site Title:   EA Website
Nominated by:   Odopod
Category:   Games - Industry
Location:   San Francisco, CA / USA
Nominee ID:    84685
Site Title:   Samsung Website
Nominated by:   Samsung
Category:   Consumer Goods
Location:   Seoul / South Korea


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